Is it a shopping spree or an addiction?

Shopping is something that everybody if given the chance, will make it a pastime without a second thought, because it is something that gives a lot of joy to most people. And if they were given the chance they would continue to shop day in and day out. From making your shopping experience a fun Saturday out with friends to making it a family routine once a month, everybody loves these moments when they can get themselves something new and shiny. So who wouldn’t love to do it more often?Who would say no to an opportunity to buy themselves something? But is there a possibility that something that seems as carefree as shopping can actually turn out to be an addiction? We all know that people like to go on sprees where they go out on a limb and end up buying something that was really expensive just for the fun of it or where people ended up buying something which they absolutely knew that they didn’t need. Could all this be signs of an addiction to shopping?


Yes, there is a very high possibility that you attraction to shopping for new clothes and various other trinkets is just more than an enjoyable pastime. It can definitely be an addiction which you are ignoring because you thing it is not causing you any harm in any way. Maybe the first few times will appear to be like that, but when the habit continues and you just continue to spend then it can definitely turn into a financial disaster. Not only for you, but for the people who are dependent on you as well. And this is definitely a psychiatric disorder, because unlike many other psychiatric disorders, this is another one where you don’t have control over your impulses.


So if you are looking for signs that you may be becoming addicted to your shopping always remember to keep an out on how frequently you are doing it. Because this can be a pretty good indicator that shopping is becoming an addiction. And another good sign that you should be worried about is the fact that you are starting to hide the things that you have shopped for. Because you know that when people find out you have been at it again they are surely going to have something to say about it. So you want to cover up your crime and you start hiding up your stash. If you’re worried about your behavior then these are a few signs you should be looking out for.

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