The tactics to get you started on spending

People might be of the opinion that they have pretty good self-control. Most people think that they are the people who dictate terms in their lives. They think that they do things only when they want to and feel like it. But what they don’t realize is that sometimes even without their realization that other people are playing a huge role in what they doing in their lives. At least when it comes to shopping this stands true, because the various brands out there have so much of competition between and as a result of this they have to come up with various tactics in order to stay afloat on the sea of competition. In order to be seen and heard they have to do thing creatively and differently. So what does this mean for the customers? Well, for the customers this means that they are constantly bombarded by new methods of trying to temp them into spending on things that they really don’t have the need for.


This temptation into start shopping comes even without people realizing it. Because the tactic that are used on them are very subtle. It’s never out there and in there face. Like directly asking them to come shop and buy things. These tactics play with your mind in such a way that it justifies what you are doing in every way. It triggers your mind to start thinking in a logical pattern and making sure that the conclusion that you come to is the fact that you definitely need what you are about to buy. Everything about your shopping experience is designed to tempt you to come back for another round and spend on something again.


Why do you think that some shops have almost empty display windows except for a few things that really intrigue you? Because they want to add an air of curiosity to the whole thing. They want people to be curious about what they are going to find when they walk into the shop. This is how they make people walk into their store. Why do you think certain stores have dim lights on? Even this is a means of customer attraction for them. some stores use the tactic of sending you around the whole store before you actually get to the part that you want, because by this time you would have gotten a good idea as to all the goods that are available in that particular store. Even though we have realized that these are purely business tactics, we are think like children when it comes to shopping, so we keep falling for them over and over again.

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