A Guide: Starting an E-commerce Business from Scratch

If you’re a keen shopper who also just so also happens to have an entrepreneurial streak coursing through your veins, then it’s a no brainer for you to start your own e-commerce business. By doing so, you will be able to see what it’s like on the other side of the transaction process… and, if you do everything correctly, you will also stand to make a fair bit of money to boot.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve got no past experience in the field. If you’ve got the passion and determination to make this venture a successful one, you can start your own online store from scratch. To see how it can be done, be sure to check out the guide below.

1. Register your business

Your business being web-based doesn’t mean it is any different to any other type of company in any other kind of industry — the first thing that you must do in your bid to build an e-commerce business from scratch is register it. It is essential that you don’t forgo this all-important stage, as making your venture official in the eyes of the law is essential with regards to both legal protection and tax benefits.

2. Pick your store’s name

The legal name that you registered your business under doesn’t have to be the name that you advertise your store as. The two names shouldn’t, however, be too dissimilar. That would just cause confusion further on down the line, particularly with regards to any benefactors or sponsors that you align yourself with.

When it comes to picking your store’s name, try to choose one that has some connection to your product line, your brand, and your message.

3. Create a logo

To really get your branding off the ground, you have to create a logo for your store. This will act as your mascot of sorts — it’ll be what most customers come to recognise about your business. You must, then, put real thought into what it is you try to achieve with your logo. Do you want it to be child-friendly? Do you want it to encapsulate a specific niche, such as eco-friendliness?

4. Choose your platform

The e-commerce platform that you choose for your store at the time of its inception will go a long way towards deciding your business’s future success. Quite simply, the better the platform, the better your chances will be of attracting customers back to your store over and over again.

When choosing a platform, it comes down to Big Commerce vs Shopify Plus. Both of these leading cloud-based platforms have their individual merits, but if you’re looking for scalability, then the latter is the one for you. In contrast to Big Commerce’s 28% prospected growth, if you choose Shopify Plus, your store will stand to grow at a rate of 126% year-over-year.

What’s stopping you from making a business out of your shopping hobby? Turn your passion into a profession and transform from the buyer… into the seller. Take the above advice, and start your own e-commerce business from scratch.

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